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0.005mm High Tolerance Customized Aluminum Auto CNC Machining Parts Casting Metal Motor Spare Parts Machining Service CNC Parts for Auto Car

Item Truck Parts Leaf Spring Bracket
Surface Treatment Sand Blast, Electrophoretic
Surface Roughness Ra0.05∼Ra50, Depends on Customer's Requirements
Standard GB, ASTM
Certification CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, CE, RoHS, IATF16949 ISO9001:2015
Casting Form Material Sand
Casting Form Usage Count Disposable
Machining Tolerance +/-0.01mm
Casting Metal Ductile Iron/Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel.
Coating Electrophoretic Paint
Annual Supply 1000000 Pieces
Product Application Forklift, Automobile, Truck, Train, Tractor, Trailer, Lathe Machine, Railway, etc.
Machining Method CNC Machining, Milling, Drilling, Boring, etc
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification 0.1KG-3Tons
Trademark OEM
Origin China
Loading Port Qingdao Port
HS Code 7308900000

Product Parameters

SpecificationAccording to customer's drawing or sample.
Casting Weight0.1KG-3Tons
Casting StandardISO ,DIN, AISI, ASTM, BS, JIS, etc.
Casting ToleranceCT7-CT8.
Surface RoughnessRa0.05-Ra50.
Heat TreatmentNormalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, etc.
Casting MaterialHigh grade ductile iron(QT1050-6)/(QT800-5)/(QT600-5), Grey iron, Stainless steel, Carbon steel.
Casting ProcessSand CastingIron based coated sand
Coated sand
Clay sand
Resin sand
Investment Casting
Lost Foam Casting
Vacuum process casting
Surface PreparationSand Blasting, Plating, Galvanized, Spray-Paint, Passivating, Polishing, Electrophoresis, Machining, etc.
Inspection EquipmentTest equipment: Spectrum Analyzer, Hexagon CMM, Hardness test equipment, Tension test machine, E-coating testing equipments, Metalloscope.
Dimension InspectionCoordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Calipers, Height Gauge, Micrometer Calipers, Inside Caliper Gauge, Angle and R Gauge, customized gauge, etc.
Product applicationOur Products Are Widely Used In Many Industries, Such As Automobile, Truck, Train, Railway, Tractor, Trailer, Lathe Machine, Fitness Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Mining Machinery, Petroleum Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Shipbuilding, Construction And Other Power Equipment.
Sample production cycle30-45 Working days.
Drawing TypeCustomer to Provide Drawing

Our Advantages
1* Mature one-stop service system
We provide real one-stop service for all customers
(1)we are the source manufacturers, and our price has an absolute advantage.
(2)We have our own technology department to solve all-round problems related to product technology.
(3)We have a complete production line, products from raw materials to finished products are under our control.
(4)We have a strict product quality monitoring system to ensure the quality of our products and after-sales service.

2* Modern machinery and patented equipment
We have more than 30 kinds of mechanical equipment related to casting, grinding, processing, surface treatment, etc., more than 400 sets in total, including 60 sets of four-axis machining center (CNC) and 2 sets of digital  special machines designed with double main axle boxes. Our equipment has  significantly improved production efficiency and product quality.

3* Sufficient production capacity
We supply more than 110000 tons of goods to more than 12 clients in 2022. Under the supervision of a production system, We not only ensures sufficient supply capacity, but also achieves 98% delivery efficiency.

4* Modern laboratory
Every process of each batch of products from raw materials to finished products will be tested in the laboratory to ensure that the quality of each batch of products is up to the standard. For example, we will carry out spectral inspection for each batch of raw material samples, and carry out tensile test for specific products  through tensile machine to ensure the tensile strength of products, etc.

5* Wide application of products
The castings produced by us are widely used in various industries,such as construction vehicles, trains, railways, forklifts, agricultural machinery and other mechanical equipment. We can produce all kinds of castings with high precision CNC machining according to customer's drawings/sample/requirements.

6* Perfect product information tracking
After the product is inspected in terms of quality, we will record the products produced by different batches of raw materials and archive the production information of each batch of products, each of our products is marked with raw  material batch number and factory production code. Our purpose is to find the root of the problem accurately when the customer has the demand for product  quality and after-sales, and find the same batch of products to ensure that these products are free of problems.

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