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Customized High Grade Zinc Aluminum Alloy Die Casting


Aluminum Material

Aluminum alloy die casting: 44300,44300/46000/ADC12/A360/A380/Alsi9cu3,etc.
Aluminum alloy profile extrusion: 6061 6063
CNC machining and Turning: 6061 6063
Part Weight: From 0.01KG-300KG


Cold chamber die casting machine:200T/280T/400T/500T/800T/1250T.CNC centers, CNC turning, CNC lathes, electrical pulse, line cutting, milling, drilling, grinding

Surface Treatment

Trimming, Deburring, Polishing, Shot blasting, Sandblasting, Tumbling, Powder coating, Anodizing, Chrome, Galvanizing, Electrophoresis, Passivation, Chemical coating

Drawing Format


Inspection Equipment

CMM, Digital Height Gauge, Caliper, Coordinate measuring machine, Projector machine, Roughness tester, Hardness tester, etc.

Products Application

Bicycle and motorcycle
Door and windows and furniture
Household appliance
Gas meter
Power tool

CNC workshop

Melting furnace


Our Customized High-Grade Zinc Aluminum Alloy Die Casting is a pinnacle of precision engineering and durability. Meticulously crafted, this product exemplifies the fusion of zinc and aluminum alloys to create a robust and versatile casting solution. The amalgamation of these high-grade materials ensures not only exceptional strength but also a fine surface finish, making it an ideal choice for various applications.


  • Precision Engineering: The die casting process ensures high precision in the replication of intricate designs and specifications, making it ideal for applications where accuracy is paramount.

  • Exceptional Strength: The combination of zinc and aluminum alloys results in a product that boasts remarkable strength and durability, ensuring longevity in diverse operating conditions.

  • Versatility: From complex shapes to varied sizes, this die casting product adapts seamlessly, meeting the demands of a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Corrosion Resistance: The inherent properties of zinc and aluminum alloys make this product highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring a prolonged life span even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Cost-Effective: The efficiency of the die casting process coupled with the longevity of the product makes it a cost-effective solution for industries looking to balance quality and budget constraints.

  • Heat Dissipation: The alloy composition facilitates efficient heat dissipation, making it an excellent choice for components that operate in high-temperature environments.

Gravity Casting  Mold

Mold Material: 8407, P20, H13, SKD11 or customers' appointed material.

Mold Design: According to Technical Drawing or Sample.

Mold lifespan: 500,000shots

Lead Time: 20 ~ 30 days

OEM and ODM are Welcomed.

ISO 9001 system and more than 10 years export experience in this line.

Advanced equipment and excellent R&D Team, Highly skilled manufacturing process, Strict quality Control System


packing workshop

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