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Process flow and selection of Sand Casting

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To take out the model before pouring the metal, Sand Casting should be made into two or more parts; during the mold making process, holes and vent holes for pouring metal into the mold must be left to synthesize the casting system. Sand Casting keeps the metal liquid for an appropriate time until the metal solidifies. After the parts were taken out, the molds were destroyed, so a new mold had to be made for each casting. Sand mold shops can cast large parts. Sand molds can be used for iron casting, bronze casting, brass casting, and aluminum casting. Wet casting is another Sand Casting process that is inexpensive and can produce parts of various sizes. So what are the processes and options for Sand Casting? Let's take a look next.

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l Process flow

l Choose

Process flow

1. Drawing

The traditional method is to get the Sand Casting drawings and send them to the foundry. This process can be done in the quotation. Today, more and more customers and foundries use computer-aided design instead.

2. Mould

Molds in Sand Casting are made of wood or other metal materials. In this process, we ask our engineers to make the mold size slightly larger than the finished product, the difference is called shrinkage allowance. The purpose of which is that the molten metal acts on the mold to ensure that the molten metal solidifies and shrinks, thereby preventing voids during casting.

3. Core making

Core making is simply by placing resin grit into the mold to form the Sand Casting parts of the interior surface. So the void between the core and the mold ends up being the casting.

4. Molding

During the smelting and molding process, the mold needs to be prepared. Forming generally involves the support frame of the mold, pulling the mold to separate it during casting, melting the previously placed core in the mold, and closing the mold mouth.

5. Cleaning

The purpose of cleaning is to remove grit, sanding, and excess metal from castings. Welding and sand removal can improve the surface appearance of Sand Casting parts burnt sand, and scale are removed to improve the surface appearance of casting. Excess metal and other risers are removed. One step closer to welding and grinding and other steps. Finally, check its defects and overall quality.

6. Selection of pouring location

(1) The important processing surface of Sand Casting parts should be facing down or on the side.

(2) The wide flat surface of Sand Casting parts should face down.

(3) The thin-walled part with a larger area should be placed in the lower part of the mold or in a vertical, inclined position.

(4) For castings that are prone to shrinkage cavities, the thicker section should be placed on the upper or side.

(5) The number of cores should be minimized, and it is easy to place, fix and exhaust.


1. It is easy to take out the mold and simplify the modeling process.

(1) The selection of the parting surface should try to avoid the live block and the core, to simplify the molding, modeling, and forming process.

(2) To facilitate the mold release, the parting surface should be selected at the source of the largest section of the Sand Casting parts.

(3) The parting surface should be as straight as possible, and the number should be small.

(4) Try to make the casting have only one parting surface, to adopt two-box modeling with a simple modeling process.

2. Try to put the important processing surface or most of the processing surface and processing reference surface of Sand Casting parts in the same sandbox.

3. Try to keep the cavity and the main core in the lower box.

The above is about the process and selection of Sand Casting. If you are interested in Sand Casting and Sand Casting parts, you can contact us. Our website is

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