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Programming of CNC

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CNC programming refers to the entire working process from part drawings to obtaining CNC machining programs. So what is CNC programming? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

l Analyze part drawings and formulate process plans

l Mathematical processing

l Write part machining program

l Program check

Analyze part drawings and formulate process plans

The contents of CNC work include: analyzing the part drawing, clarifying the processing content and requirements; determining the processing plan; selecting a suitable CNC machine tool; selecting or designing tools and fixtures; determining a reasonable tool path, and selecting a reasonable cutting amount to wait. This work requires programmers to be able to analyze the technical characteristics, geometric shapes, dimensions, and process requirements of the part drawing, and combine the basic knowledge of CNC machine tools, such as CNC machine specifications, performance, CNC system functions to determine the processing method and processing routes.

Mathematical processing

After the process plan is determined, it is necessary to calculate the tool center movement trajectory according to the geometric dimensions and processing routes of the OEM Precision CNC Machining Part to obtain the tool position data. CNC systems generally have linear interpolation and circular arc interpolation functions. For the processing of relatively simple plane parts composed of circular arcs and straight lines, it is only necessary to calculate the coordinates of the intersection or tangent point of adjacent geometric elements on the contour of the part. The starting point, endpoint, and arc center coordinate value of each geometric element can meet the programming requirements. When the geometry of the OEM Precision CNC Machining Part is inconsistent with the interpolation function of the control system, more complex numerical calculations are required, and computer-aided calculations are generally required, otherwise it is difficult to complete.

Write part machining program

After completing the CNC process and numerical calculation work, the part processing program can be written. The programmers use the program instructions of the numerical control system to write the machining program segment by segment according to the specified program format. Programming personnel should be very familiar with the functions, program instructions, and codes of CNC machine tools to write correct processing programs.

Program check

Input the prepared machining program into the CNC system to control the machining work of the CNC machine tool. Generally, the program should be checked before formal processing. Usually, the machine tool idling can be used to check the correctness of the machine tool action and motion trajectory to test the program. On the CNC machine tool with a graphic simulation display function, the program can be checked by displaying the tool path or simulating the cutting process of the tool to the workpiece. For parts with complex shapes and high requirements, it is also possible to use easy-to-cut materials such as aluminum, plastic, or paraffin for trial cutting to test the procedure. By checking the test piece, it is not only possible to confirm whether the program is correct, but also to know whether the machining accuracy meets the requirements. If the same material as the processed part can be used for trial cutting, it can better reflect the actual processing effect. When it is found that the processed part does not meet the processing technical requirements, the program can be modified or measures such as size compensation can be taken.

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