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OEM Casting Machine Parts

These are related to the OEM Casting Machine Parts news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in OEM Casting Machine Parts and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand OEM Casting Machine Parts market.
  • Composition and performance of CNC
    The generation of numerical management depends on the information the look of knowledge of information carriers and binary data operations. What's the composition and performance of CNC? Let's take a glance at it next. Here is the content list:l Compositionl Function CompositionThe computer system
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  • Investment Casting
    The lost wax method simply consists of replicating the object to be cast in wax, then immersing it in a pool of sand/powder and leaving it to dry, so that the wax replica is covered with a sand coating. The wax replica is then covered with a sand coating and the procedure is repeated until the coating is sufficient to support the casting process, after which the wax is melted from the mold and withdrawn from the mold. The mold then needs to be heated several times to increase the hardness before it can be cast. This method has good accuracy, but is quite costly due to the high price of the sand/powder and the complexity of the production process, which requires several heats. expensive.
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  • Programming of CNC
    CNC programming refers to the entire working process from part drawings to obtaining CNC machining programs. So what is CNC programming? Let's take a look at it next. Here is the content list:l Analyze part drawings and formulate process plansl Mathematical processingl Write part machining programl
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  • Test Equipments
  • Die Casting
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